Improve Employee Engagement

Maven automatically schedules coffee or lunch get-togethers so your team can bond and meet one another.

build engagement the easy way

Build valuable relationships & engagement

Maven organizes lunch, coffee or happy hour get-togethers for your team with zero up-front scheduling.

Do you have great people in your organization, but find that they don't know anyone outside of their team? Having friends in another department helps employees thrive -- they always know the right person to call. But it's hard for employees to go around and introduce themselves to complete strangers and you certainly don't have the time to introduce hundreds or even thousands of employees to each other.

Let Maven make the introductions.

Maven organizes those events for you. All you need to do is share one link with your team. When they sign up (it takes about 30 seconds), we'll automatically invite them to lunch (or coffee, or happy hour, or you-name-it) via text message (SMS) a few hours before the event. If they're free, they can accept the invitation. If they're too busy, they can decline or just ignore it. It takes you only a few minutes and your employees only seconds. There's no software to install, you just need the computer you're using right now.

Research from MIT shows that employees who spend more time together informally, like over coffee breaks, can be 10% more productive. Even for a small company, a 10% improvement in productivity can bring in tens of thousands of dollars a year. Maven is free to use. You can't afford not to try it.

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